The first edition of This is Ecuador was published in September 1968 by Gustavo Vallejo, an Ecuadorian teenager, adventurer and mountain climber who was in love with his country.

The guide had updated information on Ecuador and its 4 regions and articles and coverages on adventure, culture, history, and more. It also offered a vibrant cultural calendar and a comprehensive directory listing lodging, restaurants, galleries, museums, and other insider picks.


Since its publication, This is Ecuador printed thousands of copies every month for 55 years, becoming a reference guide in Ecuador.

Financed by advertising and distributed by advertisers, the guide had a guaranteed circulation and was completely free for its readers.


This is Ecuador was recognized for its significant contributions to the development of tourism in the country, and for its consistency; with the longest consecutive printing period in the country. Its last publication was in March 2020, with the arrival of the pandemic.


Four years on from the pandemic’s peak, we’re thrilled to revive This is Ecuador with a renewed mission. Embracing the digital age, we’ll be focusing on a user-friendly online platform instead of a printed guide. Leading the charge is Isa, Gustavo’s granddaughter, whose love for her country and her grandfather’s legacy inspires her to bring This is Ecuador back to the community.

Times have changed and they ask us to change as well.

In this new stage, This is Ecuador comes to life in a digital ecosystem: website, blog and social networks. The printing of the magazine will not be resumed for the moment but this does not mean that we have closed our minds to the possibility of bringing a print edition back to life.

We believe in honoring traditions by bringing them into the future, looking for ways to innovate and modernize without leaving our heritage behind.

Our motivation continues to be the deep love we have for Ecuador and the desire we have for others to love it as well.

"As my grandfather used to say, "you don't love what you don't know". This is Ecuador is an invitation to join our gazes and discover the country. Only then will we be able to love it, take care of it and share it responsibly with the rest of the world."

Isabel Serrano


In This is Ecuador we see tourism as a fundamental axis for the development of the country. We believe that there is tourism for everyone and that we all play a role in its development. We want the guide to feel like a collective project that feeds the community while the community feeds it as well.

And we want you to be part of this new adventure.


Ecuador is a biodiverse paradise, let’s observe.

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